Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Truth Teller

Morgan Myles is not shy about what it took to get here – here being a third place finish on NBC’s The Voice, 30+ Million views on YouTube, and a standing ovation at her Grand Ole Opry Debut.

To call her a Rising Star wouldn’t be wrong. But it wouldn’t be the full story.

Because Morgan Myles – the Nashville powerhouse with a five-octave range that slinks between sultry and sweet and cold steel and rasp – is not just another country singer. She’s an artist, a truth teller, a real life woman of experience and grace who channels all the pain, triumph, love, sweat, and tears that it took to break free of the box the world kept trying to put her in.

“It took me 17 years to get the Opry. And I’m not ashamed of the fact that it was hard.” says Myles. “Because the truth is, when you see somebody that’s done the work, there’s a whole new level of authenticity there. And that’s how I connect with an audience.”

A multi-instrumentalist and touring artist, she’s opened for Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, and Kane Brown, clocking 100+ shows a year while garnering attention from Billboard, American Songwriter, Rolling Stone, and CMT.

But these new heights of artistic expression – that’s why she stands out in a world that loves to make cookie cutter country starlets.

Joining KZZ Music/Blue Élan on what she’s proud to call “the most artist friendly deal she’s ever seen,” Myles is set to release a trove of new music that pushes into the more grounded artistic expression she’s earned after years of playing by Nashville’s rules..

And while there will always be a lilt of that southern drawl in her voice, her music refuses qualification, equal parts country, rock, soul, and americana – as much an acolyte of Carole King as she is the Queens of the Opry stage.

“Morgan is country, and she always has been,” says pop sensation Camila Cabello, “but she’s her own versatile expression of country. People love her because she’s authentic, she’s vulnerable.”

Hers are story songs. They’re songs for singing in the shower and crying at the end of a long day. More than anything, they’re songs meant for connection. And with the stage set, Myles is primed to turn this recent success into the kind of career that can make an impact on everyday lives because, after all, that’s why she’s here.

Her recent release for KZZ Music/Blue Élan Records, “Christmas Just Us Two,” with fellow label-mate Sam Morrow, is out now, with plenty more music in the months to come. You can listen to all her recent singles on all streaming platforms.