Power of Positivity

The most powerful and important thing we can change in our lives is practicing gratitude. This is a daily exercise to truly connect with self-love by realizing the things we can control. When you truly find ways to connect with your inner self worth you will see a huge difference in your everyday happiness if you are truly digging in deep with gratitude. Myles will be having weekly/daily challenges to help keep us accountable with our Gratitude!


Ketones have made a huge difference in my nutrition regimen. Ketones are drink packets you take once or twice daily that automatically have our bodies go into ketosis (fat burning) in an hour. Here's what this product benefits:

-Fat Loss

-Fast & Sustained Energy

-Helps Focus

-Better Sleep

-Muscle Prevention

-Appetite Suppression

-Strength Gain

-Better Mood 

-Better Digestion

Healing with Music

Music is used to aid in physical discomfort by improving respiration, lowering blood pressure, improved cardiac output, reduced heart rate and relaxed muscle tension. For mental health it is great for reducing stress' common negative side effects, such as emotional and behavioral problems. Myles will be performing but also diving into the healing properties of music and how it is vital to our mental health.

What Exactly Are KETONES?

Watch the video!

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